Say Yes!

Etiam is your personal jeweler! I want you to have exactly what want and for you to enjoy wearing your jewelry! Together we can take your current jewelry and repair it, restyle it or start from scratch and make something completely new. There are no limitations in materials, so working with the finest platinum and diamonds or sterling with labratory grown stones is up to you! Etiam translates to yes in Latin, so say yes! Your personal jeweler certainly will!



Start from scratch, a photo or even a piece you already have. We can make your vision a reality!


Cherish the memories of favorite pieces that need extra love and attention. They can be repaired, sized and refurbished!


Natural, Labratory-grown or even synthetic stones for engagement rings and jewelry are available!


Ready to let go of something? Etiam can purchase or consign your jewelry, sterling flatware and other designer items.


I am available to help with your jewelry needs virtually or at our by-appointment showroom. 

8414 N. Church Rd., Suite D

Kansas City, MO 64157

(816) 565-1565