Your Personal Jeweler







Hi, my name is Susan. I have a degree in Finance and Banking, but have had a love for jewelry and gemstones since second grade. I left banking for a career in something I truly had a passon for and that is helping people love their jewelry. I am a GIA Diamond Graduate and been in the jewelry industry for over 12 years.

My favorite project is to take a piece of jewelry that hasn’t been worn in years and find out why. Is it broken, the wrong size or simply not your style? Precious metals and stones can be transformed into a new piece or several! I also purchase jewelry and consign pieces. There’s no reason to let unwanted jewelry sit in a safe nor sell for pennys to the dollar. Let’s restyle it or find it a new home!

I am happy to re-size jewelry or help you find the perfect daily earrings too. Just reach out! I’m here to help!